WHISTLING ARROW – Plant Hunting Expedition Western China 2018

  • Date: 7th January 2018
  • author: Adrian Bottomley

This will be our third pioneering botanical adventure into the most prolific temperate biosphere on the planet. Once again, our plan will be to traverse the northern Gaoligong mountains that straddle the borders of Tibet, Burma and Yunnan and divide the upper reaches of the mighty Nujiang and Dulong River Valleys. Covered in large swaths of rhododendron and old-growth forest, the jagged peaks and lush glacial valleys are a treasure trove of biodiversity and the epicentre for plant endemism in the region with over 300 plant species found nowhere else on earth. And so, every year, this pristine wilderness holds out the enticing prospect of new and rare botanical discoveries.

To find out more check this link - https://whistlingarrow.com/plant-hunting-expedition-china

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