Emu Valley Newsletter – February 2020

  • Date: 9th February 2020
  • author: Neet


I hope everyone has had a nice start to the New Year and ready for many exciting times ahead for 2020.

We have had a nice drop of rain which has come in handy just to refresh everything and add a bit of a top up in the lakes which are on the low side. For those that may not be aware, all of our watering around the garden comes from the water in the lakes which are all spring fed. We have had to reduce the amount of watering because of the low water levels but things are still getting a drink and are being looked after the best way that we know how. We have applied a seaweed solution to the foliage of most plants which improves the fight against disease and pests as well as strengthens and encourages resistance to stress conditions such as heat and dry conditions. It also acts as a soil conditioner.

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