Emu Valley Newsletter _ December 2020

  • Date: 10th December 2020


Irrigation season is well and truly here, so with that in mind, strict water management is a must. As most of you would already know, the top section of the garden (from the middle road and up towards the water tank and boundary line) is now automated and working efficiently. There has been a time or two where technology has tried to outsmart us but with the help of the eagle eyes from volunteers, we have managed to fix the up stands (sprinklers) that want to come on when people are taking a dry stroll along the Noel Sullivan track and have become a little damp. I guess it’s all part of it. I know I have mentioned this before, but I feel I need to mention it again, all blue stop taps that are on the irrigation lines right around the garden are not to be fiddled with. If someone believes there is an issue/leak/line blow out etc, my top advice would be to take a photo of it with some type of landmark in the photograph and send it to me either text or email so that I can get the problem sorted. Over the next few weeks, maintenance will be undertaken on the more estab- lished area, the lower half of the garden.

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