ARS Victoria Newsletter – August 2020

  • Date: 12th August 2020
  • author: Francis Crome


With this second lockdown the Society still has no access to the gardens and our propagation area. We may not be able to get back until November. However, the NQ project is still evolving although we haven’t been able to make any progress on the NQ display bed of course. The Royal Botanic Gardens at Cranbourne, which has been propagating the many species which will be planted to create the NQ mountain habitats, contacted DRBG to determine what of these plants we may want. We sent a request for up to 200 plants of 40 species choosing representatives of the ground layer including a range of ferns such as Tectaria confluens (Photo C), shrub layer (e.g. Alyxia orophila (Photo B) and trees such as Leptospermum wooroonooran (Photo A) which is a major structural component of the forest on many mountaintops such as at Devil’s Thumb and the Bellenden Ker Range. We have also requested Banksia aquilonia which grows as a shrub or small tree and with which Rhododendron viriosium grows on the Windsor Tableland.

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