2020 Journal ‘The Rhododendron’ Vol 60

EDITORIAL ...Australia has a rich heritage of hybridising rhododendron with our hybridisers producing over 800 hybrids suitable for our climatic conditions. In his contribution to the journal, Graham Price rightly asks the question “where have all the hybrids gone?” Whilst some of these plants would not have stood the test of time, we are at risk of losing many of the good ones, with fewer being held in private collections and even less offered by nurseries.Whilst gardening is as popular as ever, we seem to be losing plant diversity; if my neighbourhood is any indication, garden upgrades entails a small fortune being spent on hard landscaping with what little space is left for narrow beds stocked with multiple specimens of up to 10 cultivars.Will this be enough to spark sufficient interest so that we have the next generation of specialist plant enthusiasts?...


Editorial · Andrew Rouse 

President’s Report · Jeff Jenkinson

Reports – Australian rhododendron groups

National Council, 1976 to 2020 · Lesley Eaton


  • Diversity of Rhododendron species in Lake Habbema, Papua · Yasper Michael Mambrasar and Deby Arifiani
  • What happened to all the hybrids? · Dr Graham Price
  • Notes on hybridising in Subgenus Choniastrum · Andrew Rouse
  • The Vireya collection and conservation at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh · Dr Alan Elliott
  • The adventures of three “highly intelligent” people · Denby Browning ............
  • ARS members and their rhododendron journey · Prue Crome

New Registrations 

2019–2020 · Lesley Eaton

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