Emu Valley Newsletter – September 2019

  • Date: 10th September 2019
  • author: Maurie Kupsch


This new species plant was collected by Jens Nielsen – seed lot JN#12380 back in 2013.

The name polytrichum refers to the many hairs or bristles covering not only the leaves but the leaf stalks and even on the flower pedicels—as can be seen—the new growth is absolutely stunning!

When the leaves mature they are quite large, 200mm x 80mm, which would suggest quite a large bush eventually. The bristles persist on the stalks, but on top of the lovely dark green leaves it feels just like stubble.

The flowers are funnel-shaped white or white with faint red stripes on the outside and a lime green glow in the centre, so with 10-14 flowers in the truss—rather beautiful in other words!

Very worthy additions to our garden with the fabulous new growth giving an extra season of interest after the flowers have gone.

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