Emu Valley Newsletter – April 2023

  • Date: 24th April 2023
  • author: Maurie Kupsch


R. concinnum has been found growing in West and Central Sichuan, Hubei and Shaanxi. It grows on the foothills of moun- tains, by streams and along the margins of forests. The species was collected and introduced by Wilson in 1908 and reintroduced in 1990.

Because of the large distribution area quite a number of various forms were collected causing a bit of confusion. Some were placed in synonymy under R. concinnum with mainly paler flowers. Two varieties were formed R. concinnum var. benthamianum having lavender-purple flowers and R. concinnum var. pseudoyanthinum having deep ruby-red flowers.

R. concinnum varies in height and shape in the wild depending on growing conditions. The dark green leaves are ovate to oblong-lanceolate, usually with yellowish scales underneath, sometimes larger on var. pseudoyanthinum. The flowers are widely funnel-shaped 5 lobed, deep or pale purple, purple, deep rosy-purple, purplish-lavender, deep pink, creamy-white tinged purple or white with or without crimson spots, the outside is usually scaly. At Emu Valley we grow a number of different colour forms which can be seen growing beside the Noel Sullivan Walk in Hubei with var. pseudoyanthinum growing in the northern corner of the Sichuan area.

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