Emu Valley Newsletter – May 2022

  • Date: 27th June 2022
  • author: Maurie Kupsch


Rhododendron dasycladum was first discovered and introduced by George Forrest in July 1913 from north-east of the Yangtze bend, north-west Yunnan, and later found by others in the same region and also in Sichuan. R. dasycladum was found growing near conifer forests and open rocky scrub. They noted that there were a number of forms, some low-growing compact plants near a metre high, while others were large spreading shrubs to five metres. Of course the height is usually lower in western gardens.

R. dasycladum has now been reclassified as a sub-species of Rhodo- dendron selense. Rhododondron selense ssp. dasycladum has oblong, oval or elliptic leaves, the upper surface dark green, under surface glabrous or with a thin coating of hairs. These plants give a delightful display of funnel-campanulate, white flushed rose flowers with a rash of deep pink spots on the inside of the top petals.

At Emu Valley we have six plants of the compact form and they are now about a metre high, having spread into each other to be quite a spectacular sight. Early October is the time to see them in their full glory in the Sichuan section.

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