Emu Valley Newsletter – July 2020

  • Date: 9th July 2020
  • author: Neet


Thank you to everyone who is still finding time during these past crazy months to be able to come to the garden and weed, do track repairs, drain and waterway cleaning, mowing of lawns, planting out, plant labelling, pruning and running of the tearoom etc. The list goes on and on and even though the world is experiencing a new kind of ‘normal’, EVRG still continues to tick along and it’s all thanks to you, the wonderful volunteers—not to mention the garden visitors who keep this place running by paying their entry fee and generous donations.

We are working very hard on a new area within the garden and hope to have the official unveiling around September /October so I will add snippets of what some of us have been up to but without giving too much away of course. Below are the first photos with plenty more to come.

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