ARS Tasmania Newsletter – September 2020

  • Date: 8th September 2020
  • author: Ken Gillanders


Jenny has asked me to write a few notes on bulbs that are in flower in the garden now. They are a cheery bit of colour at this time of the year. I was pleased to flower Colchicum szovitsii ‘Snow White’. It has taken 4-5 years from seed to put on its display. The form generally seen in the wild is pink as in the photo we took in Turkey.

Several Crocus are putting on a good display - some have even finished by now as are most of the Galanthus. Crocus sieberi tricolor has been good this year with three colours in the flower. Crocus tommasinianus is out but I do not have any of the form generally seen - I have the white form and var. pictus which has purple tips to the petals. The Crocus chrysanthus are out in their many different colours of gold, lilac, purple and white and usually a combination of two colours as are Crocus vernus with their large blooms.

Only one Fritillaria in flower yet more will come in a few weeks. This is Fritillaria uvavulpis. Romuleas are starting; R. citrina with gold flowers, R. hartungi with purple flowers and the most beautiful deep red R. monadelpha. Only one Moraea is out but is a nice dwarf only reaching 4 inches with its large light blue flowers with a yellowish centre.

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