ARS South Australia Newsletter – March 2021

  • Date: 21st March 2021
  • author: Olivera Waterman


How nice it is to be back and, so far, have events move in our favour.

Cutting day was a real buzz as members caught up with each other and exchanged news and gossip. I know that I haven’t seen some of you since October, which means most of the summer. One could be forgiven for thinking that the season has past us by except for that awful forty-eight hours in January when so many of you were threatened by fire, some of you more so than others, but still a frightening experience for all. Now let us look forward to more settled days and make the most of this early autumn to establish our gardens.
Hopefully the program we have for you this year will encourage, inspire, help or just confirm to you that you are doing the right thing for your plants.

One of the ways to expand knowledge is to simply have a conversation with another member. I have often come home after a meeting with so much information that my brain feels saturated and I know that I shan’t retain it all.

To read more on the happenings in the SA branch please download their newsletter.

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