Emu Valley Newsletter – June 2016

  • Date: 20th June 2016
  • author: Neet

Around the Garden

It’s that time of the year when you never know what the weather may do, so you pack extra clothes in case you get caught out in a downpour. You’re back to wearing 2 pairs of socks, a singlet, 3 tops, a jumper and your favourite (Richmond) footy beanie. Oh wait…..is that just me?! Yes it must be close enough to say it’s Winter!

At the beginning of the month, we had strong winds and a nice amount of rain, which did cause a bit of damage here in the garden. We are nine times out of ten pretty lucky as we usually miss a lot of the wild weather as we are more protected being in the gully… but not this time. Not only overflowing and blocked drains, water washing away our walking tracks but we found a large limb from a blackwood in our vireya section that had torn away from the main trunk and the head of the limb was hung up in the fork of other surrounding trees. We then had to close off all access to our vireya area as it was right above the walking track.

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