Emu Valley Newsletter – July 2017

  • Date: 4th July 2017
  • author: Maurie Kuscph

R. seinghkuense

R. seinghkuense is one of only three members of Subsection Edgeworthii—others being R. edgeworthii and R. pendulum. Each have thick indumentum on the underside of the leaves. R. seinghkuense is rare in cultivation.

Native to the Seinghku Wang in Upper Burma where Kingdon-Ward found it growing in abundance, he also located it again on the Burma-Tibet Frontier. A Chinese plants man also found it growing in north-west Yunnan.

R. seinghkuense can grow into an upright or sprawling shrub 0.3-0.9 in height with leaf stalks and branchlets covered with a thick light brown wool, making it one of the hairiest rhododendrons we grow. The bright yellow flowers are produced in ones or twos and are bowl-shaped with a bent style. The combination is quite eye catching.

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