ARS Victoria Newsletter – April 2018

  • Date: 6th April 2018
  • author: Alan Kepert


This species comes from the mountains of Taiwan at 1600 to 3500 metres, mostly in conifer forests. In 1970 the Society subscribed to the “Taiwan Venture” which was an expedition to collect seeds of various plants and distribute these to the sponsors. These seeds included R. morii, R. pseudochrysanthum, and R. pachysanthum, all beautiful species. Our database shows that around 80 plants were originally planted at Olinda, largely in the somewhat neglected area along the Mathias road boundary. However, we have at least a dozen plants in the Maddenia Walk and the Lyrebird Walk, which are accessible to visitors.

R. morii forms a large shrub with dark green leaves and a loose truss of up to 15 flowers, white or pale pink with a deep crimson blotch in the throat. The best plants can be seen at the side of the Lyrebird Walk, flowering in October.

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