ARS Tasmania Newsletter – October 2014

  • Date: 10th February 2016

IN MY GARDEN by Lesley Gillanders

These few days in late September when temperatures reached into the 20 degrees, definitely denoted that Spring was here, although there will again be periods of cold when we wish for more sunshine but our gardens need an adequate amount of rain as well as the warmth of the sun to keep our plants happy. Trouble is the lawns keep growing then need a cut. This week I raked up the clippings on the lawn which Ken has cut and he removed three barrow loads which go onto the garden as mulch.

Our golden display of Daffodils is done for another year although a few clumps of late flowering pink ones are still blooming. Tecophila are also done for the year but I see a few seed pods are setting. Chionodoxa forbesii is in bloom. It is very much like C.sardensis but a little taller with a white centre. In the same bed at the front of the house is a small group of Primula denticulata. Known as the Drumstick Primula, we have the mauve-pink form only. At Longley we also had a reddish one and a white form. Anemone x seemannii puts a bright creamy yellow splash of colour nearby.

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