ARS Tasmania Newsletter – November and December 2016

  • Date: 6th November 2016
  • author: Lesley Gillanders


As I write these notes today, it seems ridiculous to say thank goodness the rain has stopped but at least the garden has benefited from the past few wet weeks. Now we are enjoying a little taste of spring and our garden has so much colour, it is hard to know which plants to mention. One of the simplest and common plants are Dianthus. There is one un named plant in the side garden which is a mass of pink flowers with a carmine red eye. It has grown into a silvery grey dome shape. Nearby is a little Viola with pretty pansy flowers of creamy yellow with a mauve edge. It has seeded across the garden with a variety of different shades, even a blue purple. The pleasing thing is it seems to be perennial as we have had it for
a number of years.
There are ground cover alpine Phlox making a carpet if colour. We have P.'Daniel' a vigorous bright pink, P.'G F Wilson' in a soft blue mauve, P.'Temiscaming' is a rosy red, P.'subulata alba' is a clear white, P.'Amazing Grace is also white but with a pink eye and P.'Tamonagalei'. This last one we brought back from a nursery in Japan several years ago. It has pretty pink and white flowers but after some time and selling it in the nursery we eventually lost it, but recently we located it being sold locally and have it again.

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