ARS Tasmania Newsletter – March 2019

  • Date: 6th March 2019
  • author: Lesley Gillanders


The drought we experienced through January and February had Ken outside each day hand watering different parts of the garden as some plants could not stand the heat and collapsed. There is not much colour at this time but a few flowers tried to open up. Gladiolus saundersii is in full bloom. It has vermillion flowers and the three cream lower petals are speckled vermillion. Gladiolus dalenii flowers did not last long as it was trying to open their flowers on two scorching days. Cypella coelestris on the other hand did not mind the heat.

The blackbirds have been churning up the Cyclamen hederifolium bed. The are only two or three plants showing up even after four birds have been exterminated.

A little shower of rain in late January got the Cyclamen hederifolium enthused and several corms have opened their flowers. As the summer progressed there has been an abundance of pink and white flowers with signs of more to come. What takes my eye with their lovely blooms appearing now is Cyclamen hederifolium. The flowers have five petals and reflex right back with a slight twist to each petal, which gives them a rather graceful look. They have what is termed a “nose” and this is evident at the mouth of the flower. This is easily seen if you look carefully at the shape of the flower...

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