ARS South Australia Newsletter – September 2017

  • Date: 18th September 2017
  • author: Bill Voigt


Problems to look for in Rhododendrons as the weather warms are:
Rust on undersides of Vireya leaves- A fungicide is needed.
Leaves close to the ground serrated by weevils- a systemic insecticide needed.
New growth on “Elizabeth”, “Alison Johnstone”, and any of the Cinnabarinum hybrids attacked by caterpillars- most insecticides effective.

Azaleas can be grown in hanging baskets and some suitable varieties are, “Red Wings”, “ Rose Queen”, “Only one earth”, ”Christmas Cheer”, “Pink Ruffles”, “Red Ruffled”, “Ballerina”, and “Balsaminaeflora”. Satsuki azaleas do well in containers or hanging baskets. They must be watered more regularly than container grown varieties. Lateral and pendulous growth should be encouraged, while any more vertical shoots can be shortened.

With Winter officially behind us it is time to consider annuals for colour during the warmer months. As well as the ever popular petunias, flocks, portulaca, cosmos, verbena and impatiens are easily grown. Bearded iris will be sending up new leaves and flowering stems so it is important to remove any old foliage that can harbour slugs and snails. Although we have had lots of rain don’t neglect to keep container plants well watered. Mulching around mature Rhodos with well-rotted animal manure and /or well matured compost will help to suppress weeds and help to keep the roots cool and moist in summer.

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