ARS South Australia Newsletter – October 2018

  • Date: 14th October 2018
  • author: Richard Illman


Vireya Rhododendrons
It is pleasing to note that there has been a growing interest from our members in Vireya rhododendrons, and a significant number have recently collected their orders mailed from Neil Puddey (Vireyas worldwide). The advantage of growing this variety is that they flower on and off throughout the year and provide quite a different range of colours for our gardens.

Propagation of Vireyas generally tends to be easier than other rhododendrons and cuttings can be taken at any time of the year when the shoots have firmed sufficiently. Striking mix used is the same as for rhododendrons. If members have questions regarding growing these wonderful plants please speak to Rick Illman or Henry Hancock.

Peat Trial
Following our visit to the International Conference in Germany earlier this year we have been trialling the use of coarse raw peat (not pH adjusted) for growing rhododendrons. It has a low pH (4.0), remains moist but drains well and appears to be very useful for inclusion in our garden planting mix. We also use coarse perlite in our mixes which helps to keep the mix open and free draining. Perlite is also a major part of the cutting mix provided on the cutting day.

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