ARS South Australia Newsletter – November 2015

  • Date: 21st February 2016
  • author: Bill Voigt

Culture Notes

October is the month when the largest number of rhodos are in bloom, and the display this year has been excellent because there was little rain and no hail to damage the flowers. The later flowering varieties are more susceptible to attack by the fungal disease “Petal Blight” which rots the flowers almost overnight. Most nurseries carry supplies of fungicide suitable to use as a protection from this disease. The fungicide needs to be applied just before bud burst.

There are now many rhodos to choose from when making a selection for your garden. Possibly the finest white variety is ”Loders white” which is a tall grower and one in which the white flowers have a touch of yellow in the throat and pink picotee edges. It is perhaps not as quite as hardy as White Pearl which is a wonderful rhodo, with a reputation for hardiness and prolific flowering.

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