ARS South Australia Newsletter – March 2017

  • Date: 10th March 2017
  • author: Bill Voigt


Although we have experienced a mild, wetter than normal summer, we have had just a few days of well above average temperatures, which have resulted in scorching of some Rhodos, azaleas and camellias. The plants may look unsightly, but it is better to resist the temptation to trim off the offending foliage until all the hot weather has passed, as the burnt foliage will protect the undamaged foliage beneath.
Deciduous azaleas will soon show autumn colours, if they haven’t been infected with mildew which turns the foliage a nasty grey. If not yet infected, a fungicide as used for roses will safeguard them from mildew.

If you intend planting trees or shrubs for autumn colour, visit the nurseries during this time so that you can select the colours of your choice. Liquidambers particularly, vary greatly in their autumn colouring, so you can choose the colours you prefer.

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