ARS South Australia Newsletter – July 2016

  • Date: 11th July 2016
  • author: Bill Voigt

The Month Ahead

July is an ideal time for pruning deciduous trees and shrubs. Roses, both bush and standards, should be pruned to the shape of an upturned umbrella. Always cut above an outward facing bud, with a slanting cut to prevent water from collecting on the cut branch, as this encourages the formation of rot and fungus infection. When pruning remove any suckers that may be coming from below the ground. They arise from the stock on which the rose is budded, and if not removed they will greatly weaken the rose bush. Established Hydrangeas often need to be improved by removing some of the weaker, spindly growths and shortening the main stems where there are double buds (i.e. one on each side of the stem) from which flowers will be produced. If you wish to keep the flowers blue, apply a dressing of Alum
(Aluminium sulphate) to the soil, and water it well in. Only apply this when Hydrangeas are dormant.

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