ARS South Australia Newsletter – April 2019

  • Date: 11th April 2019
  • author: Ann Williams


Collecting cuttings
The best time in Adelaide is in late summer and early autumn. Our club’s cutting day is held each year in late February / early March.
Cuttings are ideally taken in the cool of the morning. Take the tips of this year’s growth so that the cutting is green, flexible and non-woody, looking for reasonably straight lengths of approximately 8 to 10 cm, preferably without a flower bud.

Preparing the propagation box and medium

Use a clear plastic box with a clear tightly fitting lid. The box should have wheels to allow easier relocation and perfect drainage. The boxes used on cutting day were 53 cm by 38 cm by 31 cm with 16 holes melted into the base.
The propagation medium comprises 1 part fine peat to 3 parts coarse perlite (see below for suppliers), both thoroughly pre-moistened before mixing. This medium is suitable for propagation of virtually any plant. Fill the box to about 10 cm.

To read more about how ARS SA do their rhododendron cuttings and other news, download their newsletter

Postponed due to Covid-19 November 2021, Upper Burnie, Tasmania

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